Frequently asked questions

Do you have an initial appointment for me?

If an initial appointment becomes available, you can usually book it via my online appointment booking system. Please fill in all fields and note your date of birth in the message field. At irregular intervals, I also make appointments at short notice with the appointment service of the ambulatory health care association. These appointments can be booked by patients with public health insurance via the e-appointment service or via the telephone number of the patient service 116117.

There are no available appointment times, what can I do?

For initial consultations available appointments are currently visible up to five days in advance. The following diagnostic consultations leading up to therapy are visible up to six days in advance. If you see that "there are no free appointment times", this means that all appointments for the following five respectively six days are currently booked. If an appointment becomes available, for example due to a cancellation by a patient, it is immediately made available for booking again. Unfortunately, there is no technical possibility to be informed by the system when appointments become available. It is therefore helpful to check 1-2 times a day for appointments that become available.

How do I book an appointment with you via the appointment service centre?

As soon as I made an initial appointment for the patient service of the ambulatory health care association: You can book your appointment online via the e-appointment service by entering "psychotherapeutic consultation for adults" in the search mask under "Speciality" and 55252 under "postcode of place of residence". By telephone, you can book the appointment via the patient service telephone number 116117.

Are you accepting new patients for treatment?

Before the question of accepting new patients for treatment becomes relevant, it is basically important to check the need carefully in the initial meeting and the trial sessions. If there is a need for psychotherapeutic treatment and psychodynamically grounded psychotherapy is sufficiently promising, then it is a question of appointments. The time for regular appointments at a fixed time and on a fixed day of the week is not foreseeable for me. This is due both to the peculiarities of psychotherapeutic treatment and to your own appointment possibilities. Ultimately, it is about talking with each other and putting in the effort of finding a fixed appointment.

How do I cancel an appointment?

Please always cancel the appointment via the link in your confirmation email which you recieve after booking an appointment in the booking system. If you have booked the appointment (additionally) in the e-appointment service centre, please (also) cancel the appointment there. If you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours in advance, please note the terms of the fee cancellation agreement (if applicable).

Can my appointment also take place as a video session?

The initial interview and the following sessions for clarification must take place in presence. In the context of an ongoing psychotherapy, this is possible after informed consent.

I am currently in a day clinic/psychosomatic rehab or similar, can I also attend an appointment with you during the time of my stay?

If you are still undergoing (partial) inpatient treatment at the time of the appointment, unfortunately no appointment can take place at the expense of the public or private health insurance. It is particularly useful to wait until you are discharged and then bring the report from the clinic with you for an initial consultation, as this allows me to better assess your symptoms and life situation.

Do you issue psychotherapeutic letters of indication for gender realignment measures?

In principle, yes. At the same time, it is presumably your wish that this medical estimate is also accepted by your health insurance provider for the reimbursement of the corresponding measures. In order to comply with your wish, the letter of indication must correspond to the assessment guideline of the statutory health insurance. Since the preparation of the medical estimate is not covered by the statutory health insurance, you will be billed personally; we will sign an individual fee agreement for this during the consultation.

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